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ALL pets deserve to be Happy and Healthy

No Pet Deserves to be Surrendered at a Kill Shelter 
On Monday, June 11 2012, Wendy's Rescue Inc was volunteering at Miami Dade Animal Services. While there we saw a man carrying around a dog like she had some type of contagious disease. We asked him what he was doing and he answered "She is sick and I cannot afford treatment" Just by looking at this poor angel we knew she was not doing well. We decided to take her right there in then. We promised him that we will get her the treatment she deserved. He also stated that we was at Miami Dade Animal Services the month before asking for help, that he "really wanted to get her treatment but could not afford it" and that MDAS told him that "they couldn't do anything for him" and there sat Sunshine in pain for another month until he could NOT deal with her whines of pain anymore so he did what he thought was best, he dumped her at a kill shelter. 
We took Sunshine with us and laid her on the bed for her to rest from a stressful day. We made her appointment to see the vet for the next morning. But........Sunshine died at 1:00am, her little body could not bare the pain, the suffering, the abandonment anymore. She died peacefully, being hugged by my rescue partner Erik. 

This is why Public Education and Public Outreach is so important to us. There are lots of resources out there for people like this man that could have assisted him in getting Sunshine the treatment she needed. We have dedicated this Resource Page to Sunshine and all the angels who have died in pain because their owners could NOT afford vet care. 
If you know of a low cost vet clinic, low cost spay n neuter clinic, or any other resource that will assist people with low income please send us an email and we will gladly added to our list. We are here to HELP as much as we can, we do NOT want anymore Sunshine's out there. No more pets sitting at home in pain. 

This is a list for the South Florida Area (please let us know if you know more. We will add other states as soon as we get more on the list)

Paws2Help Non-Profit Org (Low Cost Vet Care and Spay n Neuter Programs)
2061 Indian Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33409 | Ph: 561-712-1911
Website: http://www.paws2help.org/

Stray Aid Non-Profit Org (Low Cost Spay n Neuter Programs)
Dedicated to pet overpopulation
prevention in South Florida since 2003
(954) 816-0799
Website: http://www.strayaid.org/

DPC (Discount Pet Clinic)
6902 Stirling Road
Hollywood, FL 33024

Animal Birth Control for Broward (Low Cost Spay n Neuter Programs)
850 Washington Street
Hollywood, FL 33019

Humane Society of Broward County (Low Cost Spay n Neuter Programs)
2070 Griffin Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312

TCF (The Clyde Foundation) (Low Cost Spay n Neuter Programs)

Surrendering Your Pet to a Kill Shelter? Please Consider the Following

If you are considering surrendering your pet to a kill shelter please understand that the chances of your pet being adopted are very slim. Most pets entering kill shelters are killed immediately due to lack of space, illness, and/or disease. Your pet once surrender, just like us, goes to extreme depression, anxiety, and a feeling of abandonment. A lot of pets have died in their kennels of the high stress levels from being dumped at these facilities. It is not a pretty place and dogs and cats know that death lurks all around. 
We understand that there are many reasons why you feel that your only option is a kill shelter but we can assure you that there are plenty of other options out there and death should NOT the only option your pet (family member) should have. 
Here is a list of some of the reasons why pet owners surrender their pets and a list of solutions which should be able to assist you in finding a safe haven for your pet. 

Lost their jobs. We understand that times are tough but you would be surprise to know that there are several organizations that provide FREE PET FOOD. Not only that these same organizations will assist the owner with other needs they might have.

2) I have to move. There are plenty of apartments, houses, and other accommodations that allow dogs, as a matter of fact that are several apartments here in south Florida that give discounts to people who rescued their dogs. For more info you can visit www.renthollywood.com. and www.petjunctiondirectory.com, there you will find more information on apartments and houses that will accept your pet. 

3) Leaving town. Leaving town should NOT be a reason to put your pet on death row. There are many, many, people out there willing to foster your pet FOR FREE. These people will care for your pet for as long as you need to. No need to get rid of your wonderful pet that cares and loves you oh so very much.

4) My pet is behaving badly. Please understand that just like us, pets go through emotional stress and unlike us, they cannot express it with words. If your pet is "acting up" please try to find out why he or she changed her behavior. What changes have you made that might not sit will with your pet. If your pet is acting aggressively please understand that dogs are not born aggressively and something might have triggered or encouraged this behavior. There are plenty of trainers out there willing to assist you FOR FREE in order for you to keep your pet. Behavioral issues should not be a death sentence for your pet, with a little help from these trainers and you and your pet can have a long lasting relationship free of stress.

5) My pet is sick. As a rescue group we understand that vets can be pretty expensive and finding one who will help you when you have no money is EXTREMELY hard to find. But I can assure you that there are plenty out there who are willing to help and some even do it for FREE. For my south Florida Fans, if you see above this list you will find a list of vets that are low cost and will assist you with your pet. There is NO need to surrender your pet to a kill shelter just because he or she is sick. Yes, some of them are from but the drive is worth it, your pet should not have to suffer. Paws2Help is a great organization in Palm Beach and ONLY charges $10 to examine your pet. I promise that the rest of their prices are just as cheap. 

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